The church is the bride of Christ. No I’m not referring to the building that you meet in; I’m referring to you as a follower of Jesus and all of your brothers and sisters in Christ. If you’re a married man, you wouldn’t want another ‘boy’ putting down your wife or starting a gossip train about her would you? The same is for the church. Jesus doesn’t want people putting down his bride.

The book of Ephesians was written to the congregations in Ephesus which was the capital of the Roman province of Asia (today part of Turkey). Long story short…the letter was passed around for several churches to read. Sometimes do you feel that your church is in competition with other churches in your city? So what we’re saying here is that we all have the same goal (Reaching people for Christ) but in turn we talk down other churches and put their name in the dirt. That makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? No not really…it does more harm than good.

Recently the worship and media teams of three influential churches in our city met together for lunch (Crazy huh? Staff members from different churches wanted to get to know each other?). The goal of this meeting was to create a community between churches so we could share ideas and work together for reaching people for Christ. The vision is to also have someone from every church in the city be apart of this group. This shows a sign of unity between churches. Do we all have the same methods of presenting the Gospel? No not really…and that’s ok! What I do know is that each church is transforming lives, connecting to people, and their walk with God is being strengthened.

So if you’re a church member, church attender, staff member, pastor, teacher, etc. I pose this question: Are you doing what you do for the total advance of the Gospel? For something like this to happen in a city, it requires pride to be left at the door. I challenge your city to take this step. Unity in the body of Christ is a beautiful thing.