The last six months I’ve been to the dentist more than five times. You’re probably thinking that I need to quit drinking so much sweet tea and Starbucks. While I do drink those items a lot, that’s not the reason I’ve been to the dentist so much. Long story short…two of my adult molars never came in to replace my baby teeth. It’s something genetic because my sister had the same thing happen to her. The dentist recommended that we leave the baby molars in place as long as possible before implants were needed.

Well…the time is here for implants. Kinda. I made an appointment to see an oral surgeon in town for a consultation about getting implants to replace my baby teeth. They said that they would need to surgically remove the baby teeth the same way wisdom teeth are removed. Last November the baby teeth were removed with no complications. So far…so good! Then I went back to the same surgeon for a second consultation to have the implants put in. They said that everything looked good and I was ready to have the implants put in. The price they gave me was for the implants only (which was thousands of dollars) and they said that my dentist would have to create the crowns to place on top of the implants.

I called my dentist to get a quote on both crowns for the implants. They were even MORE expensive than the implants. This was starting to become an expensive endeavor. I asked about options other than implants and they were also expensive. I opted to get a retainer to wear at night so that my teeth stay in place because I can’t afford implants right now. The retainer only costed me $100!

I go to the dentist and have impressions made. They said that my retainer would be ready in two days! So I go to the dentist to pick up the retainer and I try it on and guess what? It doesn’t fit. We have to start the process over. New impressions are made. Two days later I go to the dentist to pick it up and guess what?! It doesn’t fit again. Third time is the charm right? New impressions are made and now I’m waiting for them to call me back.

Have you ever felt this way in life? When nothing seems to be going right? Most people have felt this way and it’s never fun.

James 1:2 says, “Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy.”

When troubles come your way, it’s the greatest opportunity to show the love of Christ to others. I admit I was starting to get frustrated with this whole implant and retainer nonsense. But as I was sitting in the dental office, I realized that this situation is a great opportunity. There is a reason why things aren’t going as planned. Maybe this is an opportunity for the dental team to figure out how to grow from the situation? Maybe this is an opportunity for me to have more patience. No matter the troubles you’re experiencing in life…know that God is with you and there is a purpose for it.