Today has been challenging for me. I have been at war in my heart & my mind. Every little thing has been making me act in ways that I shouldn’t. I have made comments to others that have been discouraging. My speech has…to say the least…sucked.

I’ve always struggled with controlling my tongue and today has not been good at all. I love to talk with people. People have told me that I could carry a conversation with a wall if I had to! The people that are close to me are right when they say, “Davey you react in ways and say things that make me feel like crap.” My fuse has been short lately…and this is not how Jesus wants me to treat people.

James 3:2 says, “Indeed we all make mistakes. For if we could control our tongues, we would be perfect and could also control ourselves in every other way.”

Today I have made multiple mistakes and I have treated people in poor ways. When we are stressed out or if things are not going like we want them to, it’s amazing how quickly we have a spirit of defensiveness towards others. Sometimes it might be best if we just keep our words to ourselves. How are you doing with your words? Are we quick to tear people down with our words or build people up? I pray that God works within our souls so we can speak life.

Davey Hatcher

I'm a follower of Jesus, son of an incredible father and mother, brother to an awesome sister, daily drinker of coffee with only a dash of cream. I love helping people focus on Jesus.

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