If your life hasn’t been through a storm yet, get ready, because your time is coming. I don’t write those words to scare you. I write those words to be real and I write those words to be open and honest with you. Life is tough. This world beats us up and gets the best of us sometimes. When life gets tough, we have two options. We can throw the towel in and give up, or we can push through the storm and live out who God has created us to be.

There have been times in my life that I’ve given up. In high school I wasn’t much of an academic student. I was sitting in class, but I was thinking about everything but what the teacher was saying. I’m sure we’ve all been there. One class in particular was Algebra 2. I never listened in class, I never did my homework, and I never studied. Guess what resulted? I had to retake another math class my senior year to graduate high school, and THAT is where redemption happened. You may fail at one thing at some point in your life, but DO NOT let that stop you from continuing your journey. It’s the journey that help us grow as followers of Jesus. I pray you give up your worries to him and let him work through you. It’s not possible to do life on your own. You need Jesus to carry you.

Davey Hatcher

I'm a follower of Jesus, son of an incredible father and mother, brother to an awesome sister, daily drinker of coffee with only a dash of cream. I love helping people focus on Jesus.

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